I have worked as a graphic designer since graduation from Sheridan College in 2009. I specialize in agency production, focusing on creating assets of all forms (digital and print) within brand standards for various clients and needs.

A-Frame Sidewalk Sign
Client: Duer
Campaign: Spring / "Pants From Plants"

Each campaign, Duer creates a spread of in-store print pieces for their retail locations. The sidewalk sign is very important because it needs to tell two stories quickly: A more generic, longer-lasting overview ("Experience More Nature", on the left) as well as a campaign-specific explanation of the seasonal campaign ("Pants From Plants", on the right). I thoroughly enjoyed creating and integrating the hand-drawn illustration elements here! 
Social Media Carousels
Client: Duer
Campaign: Spring / "Pants From Plants"

Focusing on technical features and plant-based fabrics, the Pants From Plants campaign was social media focused with plenty of up-close imagery to excite consumers. I utilized the phone as a medium, connecting multiple panels of messaging and imagery together in seamless carousels. These were also targeted at either males and females, with the appropriate content delivered based on demographic information.
Website Display Ads
Client: Duer
Campaign: Summer / "Hot Weather Handled"

Digital display ads are a mainstay of any retail campaign. Created in standard sizes and delivered to ad distribution firms, they populate specific websites based on user browsing habits. I always have fun with these, as every campaign needs to fill various square, horizontal and vertical formats. Often, imagery from the campaign photo shoot dictates the overall composition of each specific orientation.
Email Newsletters
Client: Duer
Campaign: Winter / Black Friday

Our largest campaign of the year, Black Friday is a retail juggernaut. I designed 21 email newsletters, alongside heads of marketing and strategy, to determine specific needs of each. For example, one newsletter would focus on technical features of the garments, while another would push bundle deals on multiple items. Others would call out the urgency of the sales by highlighting limited time availability, etc etc.
Digital Campaign Graphics
Client: Indochino
Campaign: Assorted

Indochino's marketing strategy is digital-forward and operates in rapid-fire "mini campaigns" structure, meaning their sales events last and average of 1-4 days each. This leaves less room for print, and loads of room for website graphics, ad banners, and third-party graphics requests. New sizes and requirements are adopted frequently, often on very tight turnaround times.

All-Brand National Campaigns
Client: General Motors
Campaign: Various

Every six weeks, the four "core brands" of General Motors (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac) would launch national retail campaigns, each one strategized to promote a specific bundle offer, cash/financing incentive, new vehicle launch, etc. For each of these campaigns, I was tasked with formatting the original art direction into all collateral types: full-spread newspaper ads, web microsites, animated ad banners and billboards.
Promotional Animated Video
Client: 100.5 The Peak
Campaign: n/a

This video was built with hand drawn assets that I sketched, scanned, and digitized into workable elements. The structure of the video references this Vancouver-based radio station's branding, audio clips, and visual elements of the local landscape. This project was substantial, but particularly fun to create due to my involvement in all aspects of production: Storyboarding, drawing, animating, sound effects and video editing. Please note: this video is a smaller web-based piece and as such does not scale up in high quality to full-screen viewing.
Web Banner Storyboard
Client: RBC
Campaign: Travel Insurance

My main role with RBC was to develop storyboard concepts within specific campaigns, present them to marketing stakeholders (on both agency and client-side), rework them based on feedback, and eventually animate and deliver them. I always enjoyed these projects, as the rendered artwork for Arby (the mascot) was always provided with different outfits and props, allowing for some fun creative brainstorming.
In-Branch Original Painting
Client: CAA Grimsby
Campaign: n/a

I prepared two original paintings for local CAA locations: Grimsby and Niagara Falls. In each project, the piece was composed digitally first (left) to establish requested local imagery. Each design was tailored to the client's requests, in this case we focused on the CAA tow truck and bold colours of the cottage-style waterfront Grimsby house. The finished 30"x30" piece, painted with ink and acrylic on wood, is pictured on the right.